InQuizits Interactive: Revolutionizing Marketing Campaigns with Engaging Quizzes.

programmatic solutions

35% average lead capture increase when using quizzes or contests in ad campaigns.

Programmatic Delivery

Using IQ’s Programmatic solution offers uplift to CPM, CPC and CPA/CPL revenue.

DSP's and Publishers

InQuizits has the only programmatically delivered quiz platform in the industry, providing publishers and DSP’s a better way to engage audiences.

Rich Media Ad Unit

IQ offers a rich media ad unit compatible with most ad servers and DSP technology platforms.

engage audiences with interactive content

On  Social Media running quizzes and sweepstakes giveaways should be a part of every companies plans for outreach.


realizing the strategy of using quizzes in your Marketing plans

Interactive Quizzes

Click Through Rates in typical programmatic campaigns ranges from 0.1 to 0.30 on the higher end. This implies that the offering or the audience is not well targeted. This is not always the case. Interactive ads such as quizzes simply increase the activity by 30-40% over static banners with the same audience.

Call to Action hits in campaigns with trivia see a  jump to  20-30%. With these numbers the amount of click thru’s that are verifiable and result in an action being taken is well above what could be achieved without a quiz or other form of competition.

Don't Miss Out

Make sure you do enough research to support your questions. It’s also a good idea to pair questions with visual aids like images and videos. Remember to keep your questions on point, and easy-to-read.


Effectiveness of Various Platforms

Platform Results

See what  customers know about your brand. If you ask the relevant questions you will get direct responses. Make sure it is done in a fun way.

Add humor to the questions and make the  customer feel like you  want to know  their opinion. Asking people questions about your brand shows you care. 


Custom Marketing Plans

Customer responses are crucial to driving sales

Customer responses are a great tool to guide your marketing strategy. By  hearing directly  from your target audience, you  can use that data to build your go-to-market campaigns.

Building Logic Branches to respond  to your customers answers will greatly increase your chance of making a sale.

To know  your customer’s needs is critical to success

Ask the questions

Generate interesting and  engaging  questions to draw in  your audience with a dynamic cover page.

Get the answers

Use results of the quiz to craft your messaging for future campaigns, and see what people know  about your brand.