IQ is an advertising and data collection platform that uses quizzes, contests, and polls to find and engage customers.

Capture Data & Drive Sales Use Interactive Content In Your Ad-Campaigns

InQuizits delivers a 35-40% lead capture increase by using quizzes or contests in your ad campaign.


The Smarter Choice for Digital Ad Campaigns.

Luxury Brands
Engage Your Fans
Branded Trivia and Contests are great for your fan base.
Sports Trivia
Station Groups
Promos and Contests tied to programming engage the audience.
Station Promo's
Schools and Colleges
In classroom or recruitment drives work great with quizzes.
Education Services
Food Service
Drive reservations and restaurant sales by engaging with your customers.

Programmatic Delivery

Using IQ’s Programmatic solution offers uplift to CPM, CPC and CPA/CPL revenue. Research has shown that the engagement in interactive banners surpasses even video results. 

DSP's and Publishers

InQuizits has the only programmatically delivered quiz platform in the industry, providing publishers and DSP’s a better way to engage audiences.

Rich Media Ad Unit

IQ offers a rich media ad unit compatible with most ad servers and DSP’s and SSP technology platforms.

Audience Insights

Interactive quizzes and assessments can be engaging for users, which will increase participation and make the data collection process more effective.

Customer Insights

IQ’s platform can collect data from users, such as answers to quiz, polls or survey questions, which can be analyzed and used to improve products or services.

Consumer Responses

Use statistical analysis to evaluate the results of the survey and draw conclusions about the effectiveness of your brand’s marketing efforts.

Capture Data

Distribute the survey to your participants and collect their responses.

InQuizits integrates with other tools such as LMS, analytics and marketing automation tools for further analysis. 

The only Omni-Channel Quiz Platform on the Market Today

Banner Ads

300×600 Banner ads deployed through your DSP or internally on your own ad server.

Website Embed

Add a short code to your site and place the quiz strategically on your site to ask important questions of your site visitors.

Social Media

Embed on Facebook or other social media platforms for best results. All quizzes are shareable upon completion for organic growth.

QR Codes

Use your own QR generator or have IQ build a custom code for digital signage or strategic placement in venues.

Collaborate With IQ StudioHQ

Create unique IQ (Quizzes and Trivia) packages that seamlessly integrate brands, information, and services into the content

Bring partner brands and their stories to life by connecting them directly with engaging content that consumers enjoy spending time with.

Provide content for our partners that makes an emotional connection with target consumers across multiple platforms utilizing entertaining and easy to digest formats

Increase the tail of content sponsorships, one-off events, livestreams, and experiential programs through more engaging, evergreen executions. 

Build Effective Results With Contests and Quizzes.

For instance, see what customers know about your brand, because if you ask the relevant questions you will get great responses. So make sure it is done in a fun way.

Add humor to the questions and make the customer feel like you  want to know  their opinion. Asking people questions about your brand shows you care. This is a great tool for data collection.


Customer responses are crucial to driving sales

Customer responses are a great tool to guide your marketing strategy. By hearing directly from your target audience, you can use that data to build your go-to-market campaigns.

Building Logic Branches to respond  to your customers answers will greatly increase your chance of making a sale.

To know  your customer’s needs is critical to success and data collection for marketing use.

Ask the questions

Generate interesting and  engaging  questions to draw in  your audience with a dynamic cover page.

Get the answers

Use results of the quiz to craft your messaging for future campaigns, and see what people know  about your brand.

No Coding Required. We have done all the work for you! Use prebuilt templates or choose your own design elements! Try these examples.

Trivia is great for sports & entertainment to luxury brands. It's also a great data collection tool.

Players of trivia become big fans of the brands they engage  with.

Add a prize to the mix and you will have  players coming back over and over.

Trivia is  a perfect mix for brand and sponsor engagement when you include prizes and  compelling offers from the sponsor.


Connect your quiz results to your data analytics platform and use this to analyze your audience . Demographics, likes/dislikes, income levels and  much  more.

Super Easy Dashboard Design Elements

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Digital Services & Content Marketing

Run Polls and Surveys or have us build one for your brand.

Don't have the staff to do it yourself? We can build your content for you.

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