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Measuring Incrementality with InQuizits Interactive

We understand that today’s digital landscape demands more than just impressions and clicks. To truly measure the effectiveness of marketing campaigns, marketers need in-depth insights that decipher real impact. That’s where we come in.

Control Groups

Set up randomized control groups to determine the baseline behavior of users if they were not exposed to your campaign.

Lift Analysis

Identify the real lift your campaigns create, be it in sales, conversions, or any other KPI.

Advanced Statistical Models

Our proprietary models ensure that the results are not influenced by external factors, guaranteeing accurate incrementality insights.


Understand which audience segments are driving the highest incremental value.

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Elevate Your Marketing Analytics

Dive deep into understanding your campaigns. From measuring incrementality to mastering the 3M's, we equip you with actionable insights for unparalleled marketing success.

Unlocking the Power of Incrementality

Determine the true impact of your campaigns. With our refined techniques, discern what's truly driving value and what’s merely a coincidence in your marketing strategies.

Decipher the 3M’s: Market, Message, Media

A holistic approach to comprehending every facet of your marketing strategy. From understanding your audience to ensuring your message hits home, we’ve got you covered.

Beyond Impressions: Real Impact Analysis

Move beyond surface-level metrics. With InQuizits Interactive, get a granular view of your campaign's true effect, ensuring every marketing dollar is well spent.

Strategic Audience Engagement

Identify, segment, and engage your target market effectively. With our comprehensive audience analysis tools, connect with your audience like never before.

Maximize ROI with Media Mastery

Navigate the digital landscape effortlessly. Understand which channels amplify your message and optimize your media mix for results that truly resonate.

How InQuizits can be an integral part of your strategic planning

Understanding the 3M's of Marketing with InQuizits Interactive

Master the 3M’s: Market, Message, and Media. Each element is crucial in ensuring a successful marketing strategy.


Audience Analysis: Understand your target market's demographics, preferences, behaviors, and more.
Segmentation & Targeting: We provide tools to divide your market into distinct segments, allowing for tailored strategies.
Competitive Insights: Identify gaps in the market and discover where your brand can shine.


Content Effectiveness: Analyze which messages resonate most with your audience.
A/B Testing: Test different messaging strategies to identify the most compelling narratives.
Emotional Impact: Measure the emotional resonance of your messaging, ensuring it aligns with your brand values.


Channel Optimization: Identify which channels are most effective for reaching your target audience.
Media Mix Modeling: Find the ideal mix of channels to maximize ROI.
Performance Tracking: Get real-time data on media spend efficiency and adapt strategies accordingly.

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