InQuizits Interactive: Revolutionizing Marketing Campaigns with Engaging Quizzes.

How We Got to This Place?

We are a bunch of tech, media and agency people that thought it was about time we shook it up a little. Call us crazy but we think we can.

How are we doing?

So far so good. Customers see the real value in a company that values the brand journey from end to end. Delivering on creative concepts and a technology to deliver them is being very well received.

Where are we going?

We will not rest until we have millions of customers using our product, and growing with our exceptional creative team building great ideas for them.

How we do it.

InQuizits Interactive(TM) Brand IQ is a software platform that allows users to create interactive quizzes, surveys, and assessments. 

  • Customization: The IQ platform allows users to customize the look and feel of quizzes to match their brand or style.
  • Data collection: The IQ platform can collect data from users, such as answers to quiz questions, which can be analyzed and used to improve products or services.
  • Engagement: Interactive quizzes and assessments can be engaging for users, which can increase participation and make the data collection process more effective.
  • Automation: The IQ platform can automatically grade quizzes and assessments, which can save time and effort for users.
  • Data reporting: The IQ platform can provide detailed data reports, which can be useful for tracking progress over time, and make data-driven decisions
  • Multi-language support: The IQ platform can support multiple languages, which allows users to create quizzes in multiple languages and reach a wider audience.
  • Integrations: The IQ platform can integrate with other tools such as LMS, analytics and marketing automation tools. 
  • Accessibility: The IQ platform provides accessibility features for users with disabilities, such as support for screen readers and keyboard navigation.

Create contests and quizzes in any size and embed on your own site

Running Quizzes, Contests and Polls Brings Huge ROI.

Increase Sales

Quizzes when delivered smartly will provide more information  about your customer than almost any other medium.

count on us

Smart marketers have figured out that incorporating quizzes into their brand’s ad campaigns, delivers greater ROI and more importantly an uplift in ROAS.

always be thinking

Start with an outline of topics and identify questions which can be applied to whatever subject you plan on posting. You can then organize them into subjects, targeted outcomes and CTA drivers.

Choose the Right quiz

Start with an outline of topics and identify questions which can be applied to whatever subject you plan on posting. You can then organize them into subjects, targeted outcomes and CTA drivers.

Logic branching is a prefect way to steer the conversation based on the previous answers provided by the customer. When done correctly it can achieve high click  though results .

Quiz Structure

With an outcome-based quiz,  the player is presented with a set of results based on the way they respond. and based on the number of correct answers they provided relative to what the brand offers.

In a true or false quiz, a brand can verify what the player knows about them, or if their messaging is working.


Quizzes are communication tools that can be used as fact finding, engagement  tools,  and more,  so  putting thought into this is important.


Make a list of topics and questions that will keep your  customer interested and make them want to opt-in to receive offers.


Choose a platform to begin placing your  ads to drive engagement  to your site for best results.


Have a compelling offer at the end of the quiz to drive completion to shopping  cart or email opt-in.

Have a compelling offer to drive completion and enhance engagement

Customer responses are a great tool to guide your marketing strategy. By  hearing directly  from your target audience, you  can use that data to build your go-to-market campaigns.


Building Logic Branches to respond  to your customers answers will greatly increase your chance of making a sale.