Lead Generation

If you're not already using quizzes in your marketing strategy, you're missing out on a goldmine of opportunities.


Transform Passive Audiences into Active Leads.

How it Works

Instead of just scrolling through content, quizzes invite users to become active participants. This engagement creates a two-way conversation, increasing time spent on your platform.

Deepen Customer Insights for Targeted Marketing

Quizzes can capture valuable data about customer preferences and behavior. This data enables precise targeting for future campaigns.

Build a Lead Funnel that Actually Converts

Quizzes can act as the first point of contact and smoothly transition users through the sales funnel, thanks to targeted follow-up based on quiz responses.

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Our Services

But if you're already on board with quizzes, InQuizits is here to take your efforts to the next level.

Optimize Content Strategy

Identify what your audience is really interested in through quizzes, and tailor your content strategy accordingly.

Increase Brand Loyalty and Customer Retention

Regularly updated quizzes can keep your audience coming back, establishing long-term relationships.

Enhance Ad Revenues for Publishers

Highly engaging quizzes mean higher page views, translating to increased ad impressions, and higher revenue and CPM.

Elevate Client Campaigns for Agencies

Agencies can integrate quizzes into their client’s strategies, differentiating their service offerings and delivering high ROI.

Drive Social Media Engagement

Quizzes are highly shareable and can go viral, offering incredible reach for brands, and a perfect way to find new customers.

Supercharge B2B and B2C Lead Generation with Quizzes:

B2B and B2C leads are more important than ever. Revolutionize your lead generation interactions that not only engage but qualify leads up-front.

Why Choose Us

Optimize your reach for greater impact.

Unlock the power of repeat business. Engaged leads mean returning customers. With InQuizits, foster a community that not only buys but keeps coming back for more.

Customizable Canvas

Your quizzes, your rules. The sky's the limit with our customization options. Adapt every aspect to fit your brand's identity and messaging.


Designed for businesses of all sizes. Whether you're a startup or an enterprise, InQuizits adapts to your needs, ensuring consistent lead generation and growth.

Revenue Amplifier

Watch your sales soar as InQuizits transforms leads into loyal customers. Every quiz can be a revenue opportunity, capturing interest and turning curiosity into conversions.


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