InQuizits Interactive: Revolutionizing Marketing Campaigns with Engaging Quizzes.

32% Uplift in participation with 60% Opt-in Rates

Serve Up Quizzes In a 300 x 600 Banner

Publishers and advertisers get the benefit of the quiz player technology that does not take the participant away from the page they are viewing. Instead the player/customer takes the quiz right in the banner. This removes the annoying need of having to open new pages on the device, or being redirected to an external site. 

Interactive Banners Drive Engagement

When delivering interactive content in a banner ad consumer are 32% more likely to engage with the brand. When the customer participates, the brand can expect up to 2 minutes of interaction as the quiz plays out. Completion rates are typically 75% with sign up rates of 50-60% depending on the offer or prize presented.

The perfect way to engage new customers or re-connect with disengaged clients!

Rich Media- HTML5 Creative

InQuizits IQ-Ad-Server ready solution provides the flexibility of a programmatic ad buy, delivering the increased engagement of interactive banners. 

Surpassing video completion, quiz and poll takers are more likely to continue to engage all the way to the end. 

InQuizits IQ-Ad-Server  Ad Units are  built on HTML5 and provide all the benefits of rich media ads. With JAVA and CSS extensions we offer a robust solution unique to the marketplace.

InQuizits IQ-Ad-Server Ad Unit

There is no coding required to connect your InQuizits ad unit to your ad server. Simply upload the Rich Media file to your ad server- generate an Ad-Tag and launch the campaign.


contact us for any issues you may have with individual ad servers.

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